Second Generation Blessing
True Parents have set the Cheon-Il-Guk standard for receiving the Blessing. All 2nd gen should prepare and be guided towards the Blessing according to this standard.
  • They must be absolutely pure. They should have had no sexual experiences in the past.
  • They must be willing to accept an international, interracial or intercultural match without any hesitation.
  • They must be committed to keeping the Blessing for eternity.
  • They must be willing to lead a life of public service after the Blessing.
  • They must be at least 18 years old. (candidates for CIG matching must be 20 years old)
  • They must have received approval by the Second Generation Blessing Department to go to the Blessing (for further details on qualifications and application procedure see below).

It is important that we keep this standard as we prepare for the Blessing. In any case please contact the BFD or your National Leader to guide you in the preparations and to meet this standard. If you have not maintained your purity, please consult your central figure by doing the Blessing interview and be guided in your spiritual to set the right conditions to be able to participate in the matching and Blessing process.
Here is a brief explanation of the matching procedure for Second Generation Blessing candidate. This applies to all Second Generation Blessing Candidates.

  1. a.) All Second Generation applicants must fulfill all points below (both section a and b) to be qualified to apply for the matching and blessing.

    Documents to be submitted:
    1. New Application Form
    2. Family Introduction Form
    3. 2 full size photographs & 1 optional family picture
      details of Matching & Blessing picture - click here! (Please read before making pictures!)
    4. Health Certificate (including AIDS Test) details
    5. Individual interview / confession
    6. The candidate must be 17 years old at the time of application

    To download all forms click here All application forms

    An absolute condition for participation in the Blessing is that purity has been kept by the applicant. Participants will need to demonstrate their faith in Heavenly Father and True Parents. For this purpose the national leader (or in some cases the BFD representative or a city leader with the appointment of the National leader) or the Second Generation Blessing Department needs to interview the applicant. This interview form must be filled out by the national leader and submitted to the Second Generation Blessing Department together with the other documents.The Blessing fee is the same as for First Generation Blessing participants. For Western Europe the fee is 1400 USD. This fee must be paid before the Blessing

  2. Educational qualifications for becoming second generation blessing candidates
    1. In depth understanding of Divine Principle (21 day workshop suggested, please check with your Second Generation Department for other qualifying programs)
    2. Participation in a Blessing workshop
    3. must complete a 7 day fast

Formal Application
A formal application must be made through submitting all of the materials mentioned above to your regional Second Generation Department. Every 2nd Generation has to send in the formal application despite of applying additionaly on a matching website.

Parents Matching
Second Generation candidates should be matched by their parents. It is possible that True Parents may announce a matching again, in that case a separate memo will be sent out with detailed instructions.

  1. Matching list
    Matching applicants may choose to use the International Matching Website. You will find it here: Using this tool is optional. The candidate can sign up there themselves and create an account (Please read the instructions of how to use the website on the website). After they have been approved to the list the parents will receive a password to look at the list of candidates there. Signing up for the website is a separate process and does not replace the Blessing application process.

  2. Matching Process
    Once the candidate has given the parents their consent the parents can start to look for a match for their child. Parents can use the tools available, such as the matching website or the parents convocations that will be organized around the world. Or they can find the match in any other way God guides them. It is advised, that parents first communicate with the parents of potential matches, rather than approaching the match him/herself.

  3. Confirmation of Matching
    As soon as parents have found a possible candidate for their child and the parents of both applicants agree, as well as the applicants themselves they must notify their Second Generation Department (Please use the Matching Report Form that you can download here). These in turn will present the application to the respective Continental Directors who will report the matching to True Parents. This last step will officially confirm the couple as ready to be Blessed. Please do not make the match official until all parties (both candidates and their parents) are completely sure and willing to commit to the matching.

  4. Blessing
    Only officially confirmed couples will be eligible to participate in the Blessing officiated by True Parents.

Concerning matching by Parents:
Please also refer to the letter by Rev. Hwang dated 8th January 2001

Concerning Father’s matching:
Please refer to the letter by Rev. Hwang dated 6th January 2005 and 13th January 2005

All application forms
English New Application Form
English Family Introduction Form
English Matching Report Form
Korean Matching Report Form
Japanese Matching Report Form
Korean Application Form
Korean Family Introcuction Form
Interview Form
Declaration of Consent
Question form for a parents matching convocation